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The Dueling Zarqawi Voices of June 22 - Who really killed Nick Berg?

About The Dueling Zarqawi Voices of June 22

Previous Entry The Dueling Zarqawi Voices of June 22 Jul. 3rd, 2004 @ 04:45 pm Next Entry

June 21, 2004 was a momentous day in the al Zarqawi saga. Five hearings
were scheduled in the prosecution of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal:
four in Iraq, one in North Carolina. Three busloads of prisoners were released
from Abu Ghraib. On that day, Korean civilian Kim Sun-il was murdered and
beheaded. Also, a 16-minute audio tape was made by a man claiming to be
al-Zarqawi and the CIA gave an unofficial “thumbs up” as to the authenticity of
the audio tape. Finally, a US Marine translator was listed as missing for failing
to report for daily duty in the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force at his base near

The next day, the Kim Sun video and the Zarqawi audio were released to the
media. The missing Marine, Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun, was marked as
AWOL. The disinformation by the US military concerning Hassoun is almost
as baffling as the use of a Marine for a hostage. It’s assured self destruction
for everyone associated with the captors if he’s killed. Everyone in Fallujah
(where the US military keeps bombing Zarqawi safe houses regardless
of whether the Marine is being held in these safe houses)
will pay with
blood. Grasping this reality, one might expect a sane resident of Fallujah to betray Zarqawi, thus sparing the city and reaping a $25 million reward.

But which Zarqawi do we pay the reward on? The Zarqawi of the Nick Berg
video (released May 11) is the same person, same voice, of the speaker on
the Kim Sun video of June 22.
Even to an American ear, by playing the
voices at the same time, the match is apparent. The metallic, muffled voice
on the Berg audio track can be clarified and equalized. The voice on the
Kim Sun audio track has more intensity and emotion, but it’s the same voice
as the Berg Zarqawi.

The voice on the June 22 Zarqawi audio does not match the voice on the
June 22 Kim Sun video.
The 16-minute audio statement fails to mention
Kim Sun-il or the captured Marine. It also says “I am not in Fallujah” in
an attempt to stop the bombing of Zarqawi safe houses. It is spoken in the
style of a clever news commentary after a New Testament greeting and
blessing is offered. It contains an odd reference to “one-eyed Moshe Dayan”,
a hero of Israel who died when Zarqawi was about 14. Even more bizarre,
and this should be noted with extreme care, he mentions how angry he
gets when he sees the photos of Iraqi women at Abu Ghraib forced to
drink semen from a glass. These photos have not been released. Only
the US military and the US Congress have seen them.

The voice on the Berg and Kim Sun videos is the same vague dialect of
colloquial Arabic not native to Jordan or Iraq. It mangles every reference to
Allah or to the Prophet and has no genuine Quranic citation. The June 22
Zarqawi, at least, was not afraid to throw in New Testament, Talmud and
Quran references, although Muslims are loathe to quote the Quran in common
dialect; to do so repeatedly (as the speaker does) shows disrespect for the
sacred text.

The Berg and Kim Sun Zarqawis are the same person. The June 22
Zarqawi is a different person. The April 5 and April 29 Zarqawis are
different from the Berg/Kim Sun Zarqawi and the June 22 Zarqawi. We have
three or four Zarqawis. In a few weeks both the FBI and the CIA will clamor
for more funds and more power, using the phantom Zarqawi as justification.
The US Marine Corps should hold them accountable for their piss-poor voice
analysis and so-called intelligence. The captured Marine, I fear, will not be
found alive.

by VictorP
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