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Divergent Audio on the Nicholas Berg Video ? an Interpretation - Who really killed Nick Berg?

About Divergent Audio on the Nicholas Berg Video ? an Interpretation

Previous Entry Divergent Audio on the Nicholas Berg Video ? an Interpretation May. 31st, 2004 @ 11:51 am Next Entry

The main part of the Nicholas Berg video is the reading of the statement scene
which takes up 4:17 (4 minutes, 17 seconds) of a 5:38 composition. It begins
at 0:20 elapsed time, 2:40:03 camera time. (Looks like 2:40:33 on most copies.)
It ends at 4:37 elapsed time, 2:44:12 camera time. (Elapsed time, of course, will
vary; I use an average elapsed time from 4 different downloads. They are all
within 1.9 seconds of each other.)

Note that viewer elapsed time (4:17) is longer than delta camera time (4:09) which
is the reverse of what one would expect with upload and download compression.
They are 8 seconds off. (The significance of this will become clear.)

Several who have analyzed the composition (Nick Possum, John Nada, bloggers
Videoman, Valhall and others) detect a lapse between the audio and the video at
the end of this scene. An audio scream begins at 4:31 elapsed time (2:44:06
camera) but at 4:37 (2:44:12) the victim still maintains a pleasant expression?6
seconds later.

The scene ends and a new scene begins with new camera time of 13:45:47. Two
seconds into this new scene the knife is at the victim?s throat and this is
where the scream is most intense in Valhall?s adjusted audio-video re-synch at

Acting from the assumption that the two video scenes are of the same continuous
event and the audio record is from the same event [this is the intended effect of
the editors of the composition], the audio is about 8 seconds ahead of the video.
Using enhanced audio, Valhall finds that this 8 second gap is present toward the
end of statement-reading scene when the papers are handed by the reader to the
man on his left (the paper shuffle can be heard). (See www.abovetopsecret.com) http://www.terroranalysis.com/story/51203.html .

Videoman, to my knowledge, was the first to point out the ?cough? that is heard
at 2:55 elapsed time (2:42:33 camera) and seen at 3:01 elapsed time (2:42:38
camera) ? a 5-6 second difference. (www.Libertyforum.com)

There is 5-6 second difference at the paper-shuffling going on at 3:23. In
other words, the lag between audio and video grows as the scene progresses, but
not linearly.

Elapsed time* Camera time Audio-Video time lag

00:20 2:40:03 0 secs begin statement

02:55 2:42:33 5-6 secs cough (audio)
03:01 2:42:38 cough (video)

03:18 2:42:55 6 secs (Paper shuffle audio)
03:24 2:43:01 (Paper shuffle video)

04:28 2:44:03 8-9 secs group yell begins
04:37 2:44:12 group responds to yell

04:31 2:44:06 6-10 secs scream begins
04:37 2:44:12 (victim scream next scene)

Hypothesis: The video was ?stretched? by adding frames to simulate
movement of the victim.

Observe the correspondence:

Elapsed time* Camera time Audio-Video time gap

00:20 2:40:03 0 secs

00:28 2:40:11 (Berg appears to shrug shoulders
00:30 2:40:13 shifting ends) 2.4 secs

01:30 2:41:11 (Berg appears to shrug shoulders
01:31 2:41:12 shifting ends) 1.5 secs

02:33 2:42:11 (Berg appears to shrug shoulders)
02:34 2:42:12 shifting ends) 1.0 secs

02:55 2:42:33 Speaker (#3 man) coughs (audio)
03:01 2:42:38 Speaker (#3 man) reacts to cough (video)

03:10 2:42:47 anomalous movement 0.6 secs

03:18 2:42:55 5-6 secs (Paper shuffling heard on audio)
03:24 2:43:01 (Paper shuffling begins on video)

03:32 2:43:09 (Berg appears to shrug shoulders)
03:35 2:43:12 shifting ends) 2.3 secs

04:28 2:44:03 group yell begins (see 2:44:12)
04:31 2:44:06 scream begins

04:35 2:44:10 Berg appears to go into shoulder shrug that
he?s been doing every 60 seconds 0.9 secs

04:36 2:44:11 #3 man grabs Berg?s hair with left hand and
04:37 2:44:12 pulls him to the floor

Preliminary Finding: The video-audio divergence grows in relation to the occurrence of simulated movements of the victim. The 8-9 seconds estimated total movement corresponds well to the video-audio gap as well as to the gap between elapsed time and camera time. A careful frame-by-frame analysis should prove
or disprove this.

VictorP berg_analysis@yahoo.com


However, I would like to state I suspect that Berg's image may have been cut, pasted and animated during that entire "speech" scene (where Berg is shown to be sitting before the gang of five). His image appears to be two dimensional while the others are proper.

Specifically until the end of the "speech," when the supposed knifing starts, none of the masked men ever looks down at Burg. In fact they do seem very confused as where to look in general. The guy on the far right looks at the "speaker," while the man on the "speaker's" right looks at the camera the whole time.

It is as if Berg was not even there. Perhaps he was not. This question should be revealed by careful analysis of the "physical" contact of this goon squad on Berg's image at the end the speech when the "knifing" begins.

On initial examination, I already see potential problems at initiation of "knifing." The "speaker" hands his "notes" to the dork on his left who actually is so confused as about the script that he actually glances down at the notes, not Berg, as if to read them. Then after grabbing Berg by the scalp, the "speaker" fails to do the obvious, which is of course to just cut his throat (which certainly would have yielded blood, if Burg was alive and thus much more "terror"), he instead appears to somehow knock Berg over. Then the blatant obfuscations begin.

Furthermore, I would also like to suggest that the Berg interview footage at the beginning of the tape is authenticate footage from his interrogation by US forces which are now being denied. To establish the "credibility" of this fiction, the fabricators decided that they needed to use that video (white chair et al.) and to maintain continuity they were stuck with the orange prison uniform, because Berg was already dead by the time they decide to embark on this deceit.

In other words they needed to cover-up Bergs death, which must have been at their hands and then also took the opportunity to defend themselves against their violations of the Geneva Convention by releasing this virus into the media. But they go a little bit too far with trying to blame it on some "one-legged" terrorist.

However, what I do not understand is why Berg was murdered by US forces. Was it something he knew or something he did? In any case, this is sick and wrong. I for one, am certainly not going to wait for the media to do something about it.
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